The task for you is to create a website using http://www.webs.com/ informing students about the Trail of Tears. This website will include 6 sections:

*Homepage (Include your initials and your grade. Add a brief introduction to your website)

*Trail of Tears (Discuss the many factors of this event. Tell how it happened, who it affected, where and when it took place, and what it caused. Include 4-5 paragraphs on this topic)

*The Journey (Include 1-2 paragraphs on this topic)

*A Diary Entry (Create a diary entry of a person traveling on the Trail of Tears and add character and emotion. Include 4-5 paragraphs in this entry)

*Impressions (What was your personal reaction when you heard about this event? Include 1 paragraph explaining your feelings.)

*Bibliography (Site a minimum of 6 helpful sources in MLA format.)

After you finish off your website with color, pictures and details, you will create an account on http://www.classmarker.com. On this website, you will develop a 15 question multiple choice test for a classmate on the Trail of Tears. This test will be a grade for your classmate and so you should tell them to study the subject before giving them this test. Create an account and password for them as your student on this website and tell them their account information on the day of the test. When they log in, they will see that they have to complete this short exam. This will also be part of your grade and remember to make sure that all your information is accurate. This task will help you learn about the Trail of Tears differently, than you would out of a textbook.

The last part of this project is to create a short play about the Cherokee as they traveled on the Trail of Tears. For this you will have to research on the life of Native Americans, so that you can have a full understanding of their characteristics for the actors in the play. Add detail and emotion in the script and choose a group of people to be your actors. On the day of performance, make sure that lines are memorized and the actors can build up the character.