Trail of Tears- A Devastating Journey

             "We are now about to take our leave and kind farewell to our native land, the country the Great Spirit gave our Fathers, we are on the eve of leaving that country that gave us birth, it is with sorrow we are forced by the white man to quit the scenes of our childhood...we bid farewell to it and all we hold dear.” This Webquest will allow you to educate yourself about the devastating, Trail of Tears that the Cherokee had to walk on, as they approached the Indian Territory in Oklahoma.This activity is targets and educates students in the 9th and 10th grade.  Throughout your research, you will understand the thoughts that clouded these people’s minds and the problems they coped with as they traveled. This assignment will make you think as if you were in the shoes of the Cherokee.

           About the Author

        Samavia K. is the creator of this webquest assigned for students from the 9th to 10th grade. She attends middle school in New Jersey and believes that the history of the native Americans is very significant and should be preserved  in the culture of the United States of America. Her opinion on the trail of tears is that it was the darkest moment in American history. All of us should remember the poor, misfortunate souls who were forced to leave their culture behind and embark on a journey to the unknown. 

Samavia Khan

Group B

Homeroom 329

Grade 7 A.E.P.

 Ms. Sirotiak- Social Studies

Culminating Activity