1.       First, sign up for (this will be taught in school).

2.     Create six different tabs on your website with the six different components assigned.

3.     Work on your assignment everyday, by adding in text and pictures that go along with it. Make sure the writing has been proofread and is error-free.

4.     When you are completely done with your site, print out your URL and hand it me on the designated due date. Remember to ask any necessary questions throughout the process.


1.       Sign up for (this will be taught in school.)

2.     Add in your students, which will be your assigned classmate who will take the test.

3.     Make sure to note down there username and password so that they can access the test.

4.     After this has been completed, use reliable sources and your website for information about the Trail of Tears to include in your test.

5.     When you have completed your test, publish it so that your student (assigned classmate) can take the test.

6.     After the student has taken the test, log on to your email to see the test results and inform me what they have received. When you are done with this step, you have successfully completed your project.

PART 3- Play

1.       Write a short play about the Cherokee, as they walked on their journey.

2.     Include detail, characteristics, and famous quotes that Native Americans had said on the trail.

3.     Choose a group of people who will be your actors for the play and rehearse with them. Make sure they have memorized their lines.

4.     On the day of the play, present the class with an extraordinary performance that will cause the audience to feel like they traveled back to 1838.